Working to make you sound good

         James David Redding III got his love for all things audio while in high school, starting as most do, in music. Wanting to be the consummate rock n' roller, he joined together with friends to create bands and music.  While trying to record their endeavors, James became aware of the potential in recording technology and manipulation.  "Playing" around with his own reel-to-reel 2-track recorder he would try to create sounds that had not been heard or used in music before.  The experimentation opened a creative outlet that had not been known before.

          While completing his Bachelor of Science in Communications degree at Ithaca College, James interned at Danetracks, Inc. in Los Angeles, CA under the Oscar-winning sound designer Dane A. Davis.  While seeing the creative process of sound design on the award winning "The Matrix" more possiblities with sound were learned through new technological advancements in film making.  James would pursue his career trying to always out do his last project, trying to push a film's story telling to the next level through sound.

           Having now worked in the industry for over 14 years, James is still learning more about his craft, always trying to out do his latest accomplishments.  Serving the story, complimenting the essence of the film is the ultimate goal of James' work.  Whether his roll is as sound designer, re-recording mixer, or sound editor, James looks forward to helping a film reach it's fullest potential.