Expressive Little Hands

Inspiring Communication and Play


Babies crawl before they walk and sign before they talk. – Rachel Coleman, co-creator of Signing Time


Hello!  Welcome to Expressive Little Hands!

We’re happy you’re here.  Since you found us, you’re probably wondering what signing with your baby is all about.  Well...

Maybe you have experienced this:  you sing “patty cake” with your baby: patting his hands, showing him how to “throw them in the air” and then one day your baby throws his hands in the air out of the blue.  Does he want you to pick him up?  Does he want you to sing?  Does it mean anything?  Yes!  He’s already signing.  And the number one advantage to signing with your baby is that you have a concrete sign representing a concrete word that both you and he will understand every time.  Sure, you could make up signs, teach him and if you are consistent, the two of you could communicate.  But who has the time – and will you remember every sign you made up?  With American Sign Language (ASL) the work has been done for you and you teach your child a viable second language that opens him up to communication with a greater community.  Find out more about the benefits of signing with your baby and check out our playgroups for more!

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