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Already have a chatterbox?  Sign language grows with you!

Infants use ASL for communication, toddlers use it to build their vocabulary, preschoolers and early elementary children use it for reading skills and older children and adults are learning a second language.  - Kyle Stielow, Balanced Beginnings

Benefits of Taking Classes:

  1. You have a qualified instructor to help clarify signs and usages.

  1. Classes provide an incentive to practice at home.

  1. It’s an opportunity to get out the house, meet other parents, support one another, and have fun!

Benefits of Signing:

  1. Babies can sign around 6-14 months – typically before they can produce vocal speech clearly.  The muscles in their hands develop faster than muscles in the mouth!

  1. Signing reduces tantrums and frustration.

  1. Learning sign language feels like play and many children pick up the language quickly.  Older children love to use signs as their “secret language”. 

  1. Studies have shown that children who learn a 2nd language at an early language learn additional languages more easily later on.

  1. Research shows that hearing children who sign may even have:                           

  2.     Improved self-confidence;

  3.     Elevated spelling skills; and

  4.     Higher IQ scores than children who never signed       


Information on the benefits of signing provided by the Signing Time Academy © 2010 by Two Little Hands Productions